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Morewood Payroll Services is a friendly and reliable organisation. We go out of our way to build relationships with each of our clients and provide accessible communication. Being friendly and easy to talk to helps with our ability to conform to the individual needs of a client. For example, we produce payrolls that support legal compliance issues in the best way for a particular organisation. One of the best features of our service is we have no timesheet deadlines. In other words, more time for you to spend on your business.

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A close-knit team of three, we represent most sectors, industries and organisations.  We consider ourselves your insurance or shield.  We’re here to protect employers from as much of the compliance that is required by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs), DWP (Dept. for Works & Pensions) and TPR (The Pensions Regulator). Because of this approach, our workplace pension clients are so little involved in the system and processes they simply have to pay the sums involved from their bank accounts.  We work as an extension of your business. So you have all the benefits without the cost of employing staff and training them. Also and importantly, we bring expert knowledge to your firm.

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Here at Morewood Payroll, we deliver a full payroll service and more including the following services:

Providing all these services means all your payroll worries disappear.

If you have a requirement for any of the services above or a question about your business payroll please get in touch today.