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Denise Terzi, Managing Director of Morewood Payroll, was invited, as an expert speaker, on The Leaders Council‘s ‘In Conversation’ podcast. Listen to this payroll podcast that talks about leadership and COVID-19.

What is The Leaders Council?

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a network of the most influential figures from across the country. It champions and celebrates the hard work and achievements of Great British leaders, while seeking to inspire the next generation.

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Denise Terzi

Denise Terzi Managing Director of Morewood Payroll

How the invitation came about

Denise Terzi explains how the interview for the podcast came about:

Two years ago, I was surprised and pleased to publish an article in the Parliamentary Review.  I wrote my first article! I loved it!
Following the invitation, I attended Parliament for the launch of the review. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  But how things have changed.  Back then, the Prime Minister was Theresa May, Brexit had been postponed. There were also no worries about a global pandemic.  
So when Lord Blunkett and his team asked me to appear in one of their podcasts – another first for me – I was delighted.
It was an unscripted and unprepared conversational podcast, so maybe not the best type to cut my teeth on but I will leave you to judge for yourselves.

Denise Terzi | MD Morewood Payroll

In Conversation

In Conversation‘ is a podcast for “the people who run the country and the people who keep the country running”. Denise’s podcast is part of The Leaders Council series of podcasts relating to Industry.

In the podcast below, Denise talks to Scott Challinor. Scott is a specialist in communications who works on the assembly of particular Parliamentary Review documents, on the subject of Leadership.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about Denise’s take on leadership. Following how Denise’s leadership style is to lead by example. Denise is also flexible, adaptable and inclusive. For example, achieving targets and getting stuck in and rolling up her sleeves.

After having established Denise’s leadership style, we find out how Denise and Morewood Payroll are coping with working restrictions during the COVID-19 situation.

Denise hopes to encourage customer loyalty by not charging more for furlough services during the COVID-19 situation.

After discussing changes in working practices due to COVID-19, Denise goes on to talk about keeping a cool head and coping with business owners who have been through testing times with their people management.

Morewood Payroll services

Apart from an expert for podcasts, Denise and her team at Morewood Payroll provide a full range of payroll services for UK Employers and Outsourcing for accountancy firms.

Services include:


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